Re-open from 30th July

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We're ecstatic to announce that our doors reopen on 30th July.  It would be sooner but for some fantastic building work to change the heart of our business and make The White Swan ready for anything… We have already changed the soul.  It is amazing what you can do with a dedicated band of volunteers from our team and a community in Pickering that have got behind our big idea to help others a little.

If you enjoy our film, please help us with our next fantastic NHS initiative. You can find out more in the link below.


Holidays for Heroes

Our customers have nominated 200 amazing people from the NHS who have gone the extra mile these past months and we are giving them a night to remember to say thank you and remind them that they matter to all of us.  We need £6000 to do this, the cost of buying them and their partners dinner and a really nice bottle of wine.  £30 will do that for each couple.  Any donations are welcome.


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Lazy Sundays

Sunday is our favourite day; the obligatory lie in, late breakfast, crisp fresh air walks and of course – the traditional Sunday Roast ...