Local suppliers

The finest local North Yorkshire produce

Only the best

Game in season, moor venison shot to our order by an ex-Royal Marine and butchered here, fresh white fish from Whitby and Hartlepool, lobster and crab from Bridlington, and scallops from the colder waters of the Western Isles (not in Yorkshire just yet!). In season our tomatoes are San Marzano from Ebberston village and our salad grows locally too - we don't use bags of bleach-washed prepared salad leaves here. We don't use wrapped butter portions either and we have never served a sauce from a 'handy' packet. Our philosophy on food is partly to do with freshness and partly to do with the environmental footprint of what we do. We have reduced our kitchen plastic waste to almost zero and we are active composters! Good job because on occasion owner, chef and kitchen porter all provide fresh vegetables from their gardens


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