September Sunshine

As I sit and write the sunshine is beating down on my shoulders and I am thinking that I should be turning away from this screen, letting the sun beam onto my face & maybe have that gin and tonic I have been resisting all week!

Am I in Mallorca or the South of France – that would be quite unremarkable in September there but NO I am in the sunshine in the North York Moors! It is true that this week we are having more than an Indian Summer it is beautiful and how lucky after a slightly disappointing and chilly August.

How many advantages are there? Well, now the pavements are less crowded, the caravans are no longer jamming up the roads, the heather on the moors is still a rich purple carpet, queues have abated & those long walks on the beach are now without small children to navigate.

So whether the sunshine lasts or not it is in my opinion the best time of year to visit our part of this formidably beautiful county.

And you will find me either sitting in the courtyard basking in the sun or tucked up in an armchair fire gently burning in the background – reading something lovely and sipping something delicious!

Hope to see you soon.


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