Half Term Holiday Adventures – Home

We had to go home today but first we went to Feast as Mum said that after such a lovely week there was no way she was going to do any cooking all weekend – Dad made a face but said it was a good idea.  She bought LOADS but it all looks yummy and there was even some white chocolate raspberry blondie brownies which I cannot wait to eat.  I got that bug and my sister got that telescope thing – Mum even managed to buy some Christmas presents – is that soon?  We said we had to make a calendar when we got home so we could tick off the days!


1 – It is in Yorkshire which is not far and I can read the menus myself

2 – There are really cool things to do close by – we didn’t even get to do half of what we wanted

3 – Everyone that works there smiles at you and they give you extra fish and chips if you say you like them a lot

4 – You can even bring your dog if you want – there were two staying with their owners and they didn’t mind us stroking them at all

5 – They have even more DVDs than I have EVER seen and Mum says they are very child friendly (whatever that means)

Mum says that we might come again and bring Granny and Grandpa – Dad made another funny face and said that was a really good idea!

Thomas (Age 10)


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