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  • Our passion for great food starts with the effort we put into finding great suppliers, especially outstanding local suppliers.

    We spend as much time sourcing our ingredients as we do cooking them. Over 85% of our food is produced in the UK and, wherever possible, we buy locally.

    Freshness and quality are our watchwords. As testimony to the care taken by The White Swan Inn in sourcing its food, listed are just a few of our brilliant suppliers.

    Yorkshire game through R&J Yorkshires Finest. We are also lucky enough to have some local shoots that supply us with game including rabbits and pigeons.

    Beef, Lamb, Pork
    R&J Yorkshires Finest and Glaves butchers, both brilliant, award winning butchers.

    Pickering Watercress
    Our watercress, grown traditionally in natural spring water and boasting exceptional freshness is from Willowdene Watercress and Trout Farm which is just a short walk from the Inn.

  • Vegetables
    Many of our vegetables are Pickering allotment grown, some of which are looked after by our kitchen porter. We are also pleased to be supplied by Taylors of Pickering & Wellocks, Coyne

    Hodgsons Fish based in Hartlepool have three of their own trawlers which bring back cod, whiting, haddock, lemon sole, dover sole, turbot, brill and of course prawns or langoustines. They are locally renowned for supplying the best quality fish and seafood the ocean has to offer.

    Baby Leaf Salads and Fresh Herbs
    The herbs we don’t grow or forage ourselves come from Taylors of Pickering & Wellocks, Coyne.

    Pearsons Fresh Fruit, Sinnington

    Virgin rape seed oil
    Oil of Aldborough, Metcalfe’s, Boroughbridge

    Cafe Vinci 

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