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    Champ of Spring Lamb, Minted Carrots, Dauphinoise Potatoes & Caper Sauce.

    Serves 4


    4 Chump Pieces

    1 Clove Garlic – Chopped

    1 Sprig Rosemary

    Rapeseed Oil

    Juice of a Lemon


    Take the Lamp pieces & marinade with the garlic, rosemary, rapeseed oil & lemon juice and leave in the fridge for 24hrs.

    Before you are ready to cook remove from fridge and bring to room temperature.

    Pan fry for 15 minutes. Weather permitting this dish is great cooked on the BBQ!

    Dauphinoise Potatoes 
    4 Potatoes

    1/2 Onion – Thinly Sliced

    100g Cheddar Cheese – Grated

    Chopped Parsley

    1 Clove Garlic

    1/2 Pint Milk

    1/2 Pint Cream

    Salt & Pepper


    Preheat oven to 160*

    Thinly slice potatoes and onions and layer in a oven proof dish with the grated cheese and parsley.

    Crush garlic add milk, cream and salt & pepper. Boil together and pour over layered potatoes. Cover with grated cheese and bake until soft and golden brown, roughly 40 minutes.

    Minted Carrots

    Chantenay or Bunched Carrots (for 4)

    Chicken Stock

    Fresh Mint – Chopped


    Scrape and peel, cook in chicken stock and sprinkle with chopped mint.

    Caper Sauce

    1 Shallot – Finely Chopped

    30ml Sherry or Maderia

    25g Capers

    1tsp Redcurrant Jelly

    Pinch Chopped Fresh Mint

    200ml Chicken or Beef Stock


    Finely chop shallot and sweat in butter and garlic.

    Add the Sherry or Madeira, cook off the alcohol the add capers, redcurrant jelly, mint & stock and reduce for 15 minutes.

    Plate – Serve – Enjoy!

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