• Moorland Magic

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Man, Machines and Moorland Magic

  • Not far from the Queens only English grouse moor, Pickering is the centre of the real Yorkshire. The White Swan Inn is it’s focal point. With a 30 year reputation for exceptional hospitality, proper food and a deep and well stocked cellar the friendly but professional team are well used to going the extra mile for discerning customers.

    Throughout the season over 100 shooting parties will be carefully looked after and over the years thousands of Range Rovers, Discoveries and Defenders have moved off into the moors from here.

    We know how to cater for kings but equally a regiment of keepers, countrymen and drivers have also passed happily though our doors and left to attack the most attractive but demanding driving country in England.

  • Few of them have ever ventured onto the Royal moor itself though. We offer an exclusive use of 6500 acres of that fresh and rugged terrain over which to enjoy, test and have the Landrover experience fully delivered.

    This is the natural setting for a Range Rover Vogue SDV8 4.4. It is also the perfect environment to launch the next breed of working Landrovers. An ideal place to explore the next generation.

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