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The White Swan Inn

Half Term Holiday Adventures – Train Day & Halloween!

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We were very excited and Dad went to get our picnic from Feast – it took him so long that mum thinks he had a quiet coffee and a read of the newspaper!  There were costume and colouring competitions and a display of creepy crawlies with a chance to ask questions and handle the bugs and animals – At Levisham there was the pumpkin trail and some falcons – I didn’t really fancy touching them but some children did – it would have been better if there had been an owl. When we got to Goathland station we took part in apple bobbing and searched for hidden pumpkins around the station. At Grosmont which is the last station there was even a magician and we finally finished the pumpkin trail.  The train back to Pickering was quiet compared to the one in the morning – I think some people were tired!

Half Term Holiday Adventures – Birds of Prey

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While we were having our fish and chips last night one of the waiters told us about a bird of prey centre which was only twenty minutes away – he said it was great so we decided to give it a go today.

We got there in time for the 11.30 flying display – there was  a man and a lady who walked down to where we were sitting with a bird perched on their arm – there was an owl and a harris hawk – my sister liked the owl best and it even came and sat next to her.  We learned all about the different birds there and then you can walk round and see them in their aviaries.  It is in the grounds of a house called Duncombe Park which Mum said was where this program called Parade’s End was filmed – Dad made a face and said something about a costume drama.

We had an early tea again and a DVD but they gave some owl colouring in to do which was great.

Half Term Holiday Adventures – A Ginormous House and Some Shops!

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Today we went to Castle Howard which is not like a Castle at all but it is the most ginormous house I have ever seen.  There were some shops but not too many which was good (Why do girls like shops so much – they are too weird.  Dad said that we had better keep them happy and look in), there was a really cool adventure playground and we did a terrifying tree trail outside which was brilliant! Then Mum and Dad wanted to look inside, there was some massive rooms with lots of paintings in them and an exhibition about wars which was pretty interesting.

We went back to the White Swan and the lady suggested that we might like some Fish and Chips which was the best idea ever!

Half Term Holiday Adventures – Dalby Forest & Bikes

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There is a big forest five minutes from Pickering and it has amazing playparks, a visitor centre AND they had the world mountain biking championships there.  That nice lady from the White Swan had organised for us all to hire bikes from the Big Bear Mountain biking shop and they were so nice they even came and picked us up with the bikes and took us to the forest!!!  Mum and I went to get picnic from Feast which is the White Swan’s deli and I will definitely be going back to spend the £5 that Granny gave me – there is this cool bug with googly eyes and my sister wants a telescope with pretty shapes in it (weird!)  We went to the forest which was ACE – the man from the bike shop took us on a two hour tour with a few breaks – it was cool and after lunch he dropped us back a at the White Swan.  We all got into Mum and Dad’s bed (then Dad got out!) and watched some telly and we had the yummy steak night menu in the restaurant with the grown ups.  My sister wore a dress – yuck!


Half Term Holiday Adventures – Pickering has Trains and a Castle!

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We all arrive in Pickering in the afternoon and check in to the White Swan Inn – Mum & Dad have an ace bed with steps to climb into and we are tucked up in the sofa bed in their room – the kind lady on reception gave us our map of the town with interesting facts on it so we had a mini treasure hunt. We also luckily found that the castle at Pickering was open so we had a look there too.  It is a cool medieval ruin with a tower and used to be a hunting lodge for a King!  We also spotted the steam railway station and jumped about until we were told that if we were good we could go on the train on Thursday which is our last day but it is Halloween and there was going to be something special happening.  We had our tea early in the bar so Mum & Dad could relax with a bottle of wine and chat (BORING!) so we tucked into the DVD library and snuggled up and watched Harry Potter (NOT BORING – AT ALL!) and the railway that was in the film was the one in … Pickering!!!

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